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Yuuko from xxxHolic by the-feytaline Yuuko from xxxHolic by the-feytaline
Yuuko from xxxholic: A Midsummer Night's Dream.

2007 Ohayocon Hall Cosplay (Judge's) Award.

How it was made:

This was my first foray into painting. I had decided to go to Ohayocon essentially by myself, and I wanted an awesome costume. I decided on Yuuko, but I didn't have time to make anything truly elaborate. Why not this one?

As everything I did back in the day, this one was a draper. I looked at a Mythwear bathrobe I MEAN kimono for basic structure, but I REALLY had to branch it out to get the flowing shape, and then I took it in SEVERAL times to get the tiny waist. It looked pretty messy. Lining was done separately (Protip: Make your life easier. Cut out the lining the same time as your material, even if you do end up taking it in. Seriously. Just do it.) Material was a red twill or suiting... lining was some form of cotton.

Paint was my favorite Jacquard fabric paint. AFTER I had painted about fifty layers of white, freehanded completely btw, I found out that they make an OPAQUE white. FFFFFFFFF.

Obi was weakly interfaced. I remade another one later but trust me, this one looks better than that did.

Corset was bought from Frederick's of Hollywood. I miss that store. It looked enough like hers that I don't mind it being inaccurate and damn, was it nicely shaping. I thought stuff from there was supposed to be garbage but this is one nice piece of clothing. Unlike the rest of this costume, I still have that.

Necklace is purple lace with slits cut in it so red velvet ribbon could be woven through. Closed with hook and eye. Beads on wire lead down to the moon, which was sculpted with sculpey by my then boyfriend--I had a dickens of a time trying to get it to shape right, but he got it with no trouble.

I believe this wig was cut and styled by one miss Terranell. :) Love that girl.

Shoes were sandals I had from forever ago from Walmart. You know, when platforms didn't mean stupid wedges or just platforms in the front and stilettos in the back. >:/

Pipe is interesting. When I wore my maid Yuuko at Anime USA 2006, a woman from Dealer's practically tackled me she was so excited to see my costume! She then showed me all the holic goods they had (clever girl...) One of them was Yuuko's pipe, also a pen! The tips were metal, but the pen part was plastic and not nearly long enough. My then boyfriend helped me take it apart, place a thin dowel rod in between and voila. Accurate (and partially licensed!) pipe prop!

I also have a pip fox spirit coming out of my sleeve. Felt for the face, beads for eyes, and faux fur for the rest. This was before he had any color pics in the manga, I assumed he was white.

Mokona plush was from eBay. He's first run from Japan, so he's really, really nice quality. I love his bean butt.

Red contacts! My first pair of costume contacts. I bought them in the Dealer's room. Such a bad idea, but they lasted me a long time and at the time I had perfect vision. I believe they were vampire red.

Think that covers it. You can see more photos on my ACP here:… and here:…
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TaciturNemo Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
shamedgeeky Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter
fantastic job!
MidnightBluewing Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011
I started watching xxxholic recently and remembered you made this! I love it so much. You make a lovely Yuuko.
AngieHush Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2011
Awesome Cosplay :D
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